How to achieve the Korean charm roll, ‘Aegyo-Sal’ – In Singapore

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Beauty is around the eyes of the beholder.

And I really mean around.

Our eyes, are the symbol of youth, vitality and charm.


And just under the eye is this unique roll known as the charm-roll in Korea.

The charm roll is a sign of beauty.


Here is an example of the Korean charm-roll. Popularised by Korean stars, if you watch Korean dramas, you will notice that this is hugely prevalent. Notice how the charm-roll adds sweetness and charm to a smile.

So how can it be achieved?

– Through a bladeless, non surgical technique. One does not require surgery in Korea to have these lovely rolls.

– Just a tiny needle to inject Hyaluronic Acid fillers to create this lovely roll.

– Choosing a physician with an aesthetic eye is vital, as just the right amount of filler should be used to create a perfectly proportioned charm-roll.

Is it painful?

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